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The largest aquarium in Europe.

With its ten or so pavilions, spread over more than 10 hectares, the Aquarium of València is the largest aquarium in Europe. It houses nearly 500 species in a sumptuous and immersive setting. Every year, almost a million people visit the València Aquarium to see dolphins, sharks, belugas, penguins and other marine species. Take advantage of your stay in this Mediterranean region of Spain to visit it, and discover the famous City of Arts and Sciences of València!

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The Cité des Arts et des Sciences complex

The Oceanogràfic València is located in the heart of the architectural complex of the City of Arts and Sciences in València. This complex is distinguished by its sumptuous architecture. The various monuments within it are of an avant-garde style, with clean lines. Inaugurated in 1998, in the gardens of the Turia, the City of Arts and Sciences offers many activities for the public. But it is also possible to stroll around, simply to enjoy the surroundings and the cafés that are located there.

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The Oceanogràfic

The Aquarium is the most important part of the complex. It is the work of the architect Félix Candela. For the main building of the Oceanogràfic, Candela was inspired by the petals of the water lily, but always in the modern and avant-garde style that characterises the City of Arts and Sciences.

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All the indoor and outdoor pools reproduce this modern, aquatic design. For a total immersion and a feast for the eyes.

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About fifteen pavilions to discover

In order to protect its marine species as best as possible, the Aquarium of València has imagined and designed environments that respect the different climates. In total, the cetaceans and other marine animals are spread over 15 pavilions. Each one offers a world of its own.

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Mediterranean World | Wetlands | Turtles | Seals | Tropical and temperate zone | Ocean World | Crocodiles | Pink flamingos | Red Sea | Arctic | Antarctic | Continental Islands | Oceanic islands | Dolphinarium.

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Rare and protected species.

The València Aquarium is the only aquarium in Europe to house a family of belugas. These white whales, which live in the Arctic Ocean, belong to a rare and protected species. Their presence in the aquarium allows scientists to learn more about them. To the delight of visitors.

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Among other attractions, with the València Aquarium ticket discover a magnificent underwater tunnel to admire the sharks.

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This tunnel, one of the longest in Europe, allows a total immersion in the middle of marine species.

Protection of marine species

The Aquarium of València has created its own foundation to help marine species. The Oceanogràfic Foundation carries out numerous projects around the world. For example, it works to restore damaged marine ecosystems.

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It also helps to reintroduce stranded marine animals. It also carries out actions to repopulate certain threatened species. This foundation thus makes it possible to link the discovery of marine species with their protection and safeguarding.

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Public awareness.

In addition to its projects for the protection of marine species, the foundation also emphasises its role in raising public awareness. Thanks to the resources of the València Aquarium, it works to disseminate as much knowledge as possible about the various marine species and their environment.

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For example, the foundation offers numerous activities, events and conferences to transmit this desire to take care of the oceans. It is aimed at professionals as well as at a wide range of audiences, including young people.

Before you visit:

To benefit from reduced-price València Aquarium ticket (large families, single-parent families, students, Youth card), it is imperative to obtain them directly on site with the required supporting documents.

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Flash mode on cameras is strictly forbidden, as are selfie poles. Allow at least four to five hours to visit the Aquarium in its entirety.

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Opening hours:

September to June:
Sunday to Friday:
10 AM to 6 PM.

10 AM to 8 PM.

June to September:
Every day.
From 10 AM to 8 PM.


Time required:

Tour: 4H to 5H.




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By car:

The aquarium has a car park with 800 spaces.
2.3€/hour or 7€/day on presentation of your València Aquarium ticket.

By bus:

Lines 15, 95, 190A, 190C.

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